Help to add design to code

how can i add design to my text its plain white

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Hi @Ava3687, welcome to the community!

Assuming you are talking about the Console, you can use ANSI escape codes:

# This example is in Python, but you can use ANSI escape codes in any language.
print("This is \033[31mred\033[0m!")

Or you can use colorama
in my opinion its easier since you dont need to remember the escape codes
Heres an example:

from colorama import Fore as F
from colorama import Style as S
#Fore basically can make your text more colourful/lively
#Colorama you can make it bold or normal text. Depends on how you want it
blue = F.BLUE
white = F.WHITE
green = F.GREEN
purple = F.MAGENTA
bright = S.BRIGHT
#basically bright means bold
normal = S.NORMAL
#normal means well. Normal text
#You can use them like this:
print(f'{bright}{blue}Hello{white}{green} World!{white}{normal}')

Hope this helps

To be more specific, Fore is to change the color of foreground text

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