Help - Saved Figures

I’ve created a figure and saved the image, apparently in /home/runner. How and where do I access my saved figures?


Hey @slong5! Welcome to the community!

In order to view/use the images, you will need to transfer the images to where you will be able to see them in your Repl.

To do this, type $ ../ or $ cd to go to the parent directory. Then type $ mv *.IMAGE_FILE_FORMAT REPL_NAME_HERE to move the image files to where you can view them in the Repl.

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On this note, you can have this work for all repls by replacing REPL_NAME_HERE with $REPL_SLUG. Also, (because python repls at least) because some repls replace the Console tab with something else, run this in the Shell tab.

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Hello, and welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy your time here with us! Hope the others where able to help you!

Welcome to the community! IIRC, anything stored in /home/runner is deleted when the Repl stops running. However, when it is running, it gives infinite storage. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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Thanks. I’m not sure what this means, so apologies. I have created a catplot in Python and wish to save or copy the visual so that I can add it to a Word document. Is this possible?

Run the commands they listed in the shell tab, replacing IMAGE_FILE_FORMAT with the format of the images, and REPL_NAME_HERE with $REPL_SLUG. $REPL_SLUG is just an os variable that refers to your current repl’s name.