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anyone to help please. I deleted a replit and it stills so i redeleted again then I tried to refresh the page here I found that I deleted the origeneal can I recover it?
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Hey there @birtanemaskim79 , welcome to the forums!

According to the docs, you can restore a repl as so:

1. Go to your CLUI ← (that’s the link)


2. Go to trash

3. Go to restore-repl

4. Enter the name of the repl

(Note that a helpful list of recently deleted repl names pop up so it’s easier for you.)

You can also go to cli/trash/restore-repl for a direct link to the restore-repl button.

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thank you for your help.
i went the way you showed me but it gives me that sign. although I’m trying to restore the first title (cheking counting area…)
I’m new on python starting just this month.
good night or good morning

What do you mean by this?

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