Help recover deleted file (urgent 🙏)

I just deleted one of my HTML scripts in Repl named types.html and I really need it for a deadline in a couple of hours:

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Simply create a new file named types.html, and it will have all the code of your old file.


Thanks for your quick response. I saw that on other forums, but that didn’t work. I’m sure the name is right (looked in browser search history to check)

I don’t see any files named types.html. Are you sure you did that?


Yeah I did, but I deleted it because it didn’t work

I made another one, but it didn’t work

try restoring a previous revision in that file’s History


The file was deleted, not it’s contents cleared.

Then the previously suggested methods should have worked. Since they didn’t, UMAR is suggesting that OP should check the file history. :slight_smile:


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Thanks all for your time and trouble, I managed to fix it

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