Help Please And Thank You

Okay, so from the screenshot you can obviously see there is an Nginx bug and I really need to fix it because it is stopping me from starting up my Minecraft server again. This Minecraft server is for my school and has a lot of amazing builds stored in it.
Screenshot 2022-12-12 11.16.59 AM
Screenshot 2022-12-12 11.16.59 AM
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![Screenshot 2022-12-12 11.14.53 AM|531x330 (upload://xQJuH0qykrxxUM9q8C3H8K2BOVG.png)
If you want to look at the repl for yourself and fork it look up the account JaxonMurdock on replit and look at the repls made, pick the one that’s called JaxonNadbServerU18BAJLII