Help on my code here is the link. The screen just shows up blank when I run it. Thanks for the help!

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Looking at your code it seems you probably forgot to host the html file, since you’ve hosted nothing, it has nothing to show itself.

Edit: I looked at it again and I didn’t observe document at first glance. You seem to have mixed up cocept of backend with frontend. If you want to create a server using backend you can use node.js but since document is not a function of backend it should be put in a seperate file, which is then linked to frontend html file.

You need to first learn to host server if you need to use nodejs or just switch to html, css, js tempelate as suggested by MattDESTROYER if you dont want to learn backend yet.

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I think you meant to make a HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Repl. You would also need your HTML file to be named index.html.


I am officially dumb, jumping off a cliff

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We all make dumb mistakes sometimes (some more than others, * cough * me). :slight_smile:

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