HELP: No logs are available because the most recent build failed before it was promoted

i have a discord bot im trying to deploy but it just gives me the log i put int he header. I have no clue why, everything shows green except that point.

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Hi @CloudCorpRecord welcome to Replit Ask.

Can you share more details please? If possible post a link to your code (unless it contains private key details, in which case they should be stored in secrets before making any Repl link public) or by posting the code here (you can delete any key details).

Also please share a screenshot of what you see when you run the Discord bot as this might help others suggest ideas. It sounds to me like there is an error in the code somewhere which is why the deploy is failing (but I’m just guessing at the moment)


I have no clue how to link code, but i found this link that should pull it up ( my api is in my secrets i believe )

Thanks @CloudCorpRecord sincere apologies about the length of time it has taken me to respond.

Unfortunately the link you posted is set to private so I cannot see your code.

However could you please tell me if you are still having difficulty with this issue? If so I’ll escalate it to someone who may be able to help with deployments.