[HELP] New history of console +crashing

Hello! Recently, I think the replit’s console updated, now its showing history of console. Before, this didnt happen and I don’t want this, is there any way of disabling it? Also, my bot with this “new” console randomly crashes with 24/7 online and boosted x2, the resources didn’t even meet the top, it just randomly crashes. Some people will say, its your program, I don’t think it is, there are no errors and if I run localhost everything works great.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@loladambotspaid

Welcome to the forums, @loladambotspaid!
The new console UI is somewhat out of our control, and their is no way of disabling it. On the other hand, you could vote for this feature request: New console is cluttered and ugly - Support / Feedback/General Problems - Replit Ask

I’m not entirely sure why your console is crashing. (If possible) could you send a screen recording of it happening and a link to your repl?

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