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As BlueWeb advances, we anticipate encountering various obstacles that require the unwavering support of our users to overcome. There are numerous ways you can contribute to our mission, and rest assured, your efforts will be duly rewarded, particularly if you choose to do so during BlueWeb’s initial stages.

Below, you’ll find an overview of the ways you can support BlueWeb and the significant impact it will have on the website:

Donations: Any contributions made from now until December 29th, 2023, will be permanently recognized as OGs (Original Supporters), with one OG per user.

Tipping (Cycles):

  • 100 Cycles: Keeps BlueWeb operational for 10 days (Rewarded with 75 BlueCoins).
  • 500 Cycles: Boosts BlueWeb for 2-23 days (Rewarded with 670 BlueCoins).
  • 1000 Cycles: Sustains ongoing updates for 31 days (Rewarded with 6700 BlueCoins).

Sponsorships (Done through Tipping Cycles):

  • A sponsorship can entail an image, text, or pop-up message displayed on the home page for a specified duration.
  • 100 Cycles: 48-hour sponsorship (Rewarded with 200 BlueCoins).
  • 500 Cycles: 1-week sponsorship (Rewarded with 500 BlueCoins).
  • 1000 Cycles: 2-week sponsorship (Rewarded with 1200 BlueCoins).
  • 1000 Cycles (x2): Pop-Up sponsorship for 5 days (Rewarded with 10,000 BlueCoins).

BlueCoins: BlueCoins will be integrated once the donation count surpasses 500 cycles. BlueCoins have versatile applications, with the casino being the primary use until the donation count reaches 5000 cycles.

  • BlueCoins can be used in our fully launched casino in version 1.3 (MAJOR UPDATE!!!).
  • BlueCoins can also be traded on the website within our chatroom.
  • Starting December 1st, BlueCoins will be withdrawable, initially in the form of gift cards, to accommodate users without debit or credit card access, with Cash App as an alternative option.

BlueCoin Conversion Rate:

  • Initial rate: 1 BlueCoin = 0.0001
  • Increases by 0.0005 with each donation made.
  • For example, with 50 donations, the BlueCoin value would be 0.25, meaning 6,000 BlueCoins equal $1,500 USD.
  • BlueCoin currency depreciates by 0.00009 every 24 hours without donations, doubling every 52 days.

Thank you for choosing BlueWeb as your platform of choice. Your support means the world to us as we work towards our mission.


Timothy Clausen Owner of BlueWeb

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Hi @TimothyClausen , welcome to the forums!
It appears that Bounties will be the best fit for this project.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Bounties!
Hope this helps!

This is a collaboration not a bounty. But thank you anyways.

@TimothyClausen I see. Could you elaborate on what BlueWeb does?

As the proprietor and lead developer of BlueWeb, our immediate objective is to provide an effective solution for accessing blocked websites, all while ensuring a seamless and ad-free user experience. Our aim is to spare users the inconvenience of sifting through numerous ads or navigating complex browser settings in search of unblocked content.

Currently, BlueWeb has transitioned out of its beta phase and is embarking on significant updates, including versions 1.3, 1.4.1, and 1.5. These updates will transform BlueWeb into a fully functional application that can be effortlessly transferred via a simple zip file, guaranteeing unrestricted access from anywhere without fear of censorship or blockage.

Furthermore, we are in the process of implementing a user login and registration system, enabling our users to accumulate BlueCoins. These BlueCoins can be used for gaming and casino activities, with the option to convert them into real currency. To support this endeavor, we plan to explore sponsorship opportunities and other avenues for generating revenue, as outlined in the “How Can You Help” section.

In the long term, our aspiration is to create the world’s first website that prioritizes user privacy by not tracking their activities and maintaining a zero-history approach. While we acknowledge that achieving this goal may be a lengthy process, we firmly believe that incremental efforts today will yield significant results in the future. As I still have two years of high school ahead of me, I am committed to having BlueWeb polished by Thanksgiving of this year.


Timothy Clausen
Owner of BlueWeb

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