Help my work has completely dissapeared!

I did some work and today I needed to show it to someone but when I looked for it I couldnt find it. There were two places it could have been, on one was someone else’s work and on the other there was nothing. There is no history of my work being deleted and there is nothing in trash. Some other people have had the same problem.

can you give us the repl link?
also if you don’t mind can you invite us to your repl so that we can actually see the history of the files? thanks alot

We shouldn’t need access to the Repls, especially since it sounds like OP has entire Repls missing rather than individual files.

ok thanks for the info

btw as to the informations I think it might be a edu work or thing? If that’s the case I recommend asking your edu class’ admin for help

I can still see the repl but when I go on there all the code is missing and there’s no history of it ever being there

@22ewebb I see you are part of a team. I’m curious if you were working on a team Repl. For example:

The first two are Team Repls that you have access to and I do see they have code in the main file. The last one is your personal Repl, which is blank.

Yes, I was working on a team replit, one of the first two links you have posted. I am not sure which one it was, but when I went on them they were both blank. I think my work was originally on the first one.

@22ewebb Good to know. As per the great recommendation by @TaokyleYT, I would reach out to one of the administrators/teachers/leaders on your team as they can help figure out what happened.

The only thing was they advised us to reach out and get help as they are not sure what happened

@22ewebb If there’s no history in the Repl and it wasn’t deleted, my best guess is either the project got rewritten over (like if an administrator re-published it) or your changes were not saved due to a networking issue.