Help! My HTML/CSS/JS Site doesn't work!

I was working on my site ( and it worked about a couple hours ago. I come on the site, with no changes made since it last worked, and nothing is working! The CSS and HTML load, but none of the JS functions work! I tried rebooting it by doing kill 1 in the shell, but nothing changed.

I opened the Devtools in the webview to get this error:

Error: Cannot parse given Error object

How can I fix this?

Can you link the repl? (…)

You mean Repl?

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It seems to be working fine for me. I bought a cursor, and it worked.

Sorry, but how do you buy a cursor?

Sorry, I fixed it but forgot to mention that. I had an error in the JS (which I had to open the “inspect” feature in the fullscreen tab) that I fixed. Sorry!

(by the way, the error was ..) + ; where I forgot to add something after the plus.)

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Get cookies in the game and buy one.

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