Help me with the command

**i dont know the command, it doesnt show that. **

Repl link:

code snippet

Hey @genertperhold, welcome to the community!

Could you elaborate further on what you mean by the “command”?

If you meant the computer terminal, you can create a new tab and find the “Shell” tab. Form there, you can type out bash and shell commands.


Hello, @genertperhold welcome to the community. Like @savardo please clarify a bit more. Can you also tell me if you are using Python C++ Ect. please. Also, are you making a Discord bot? If so I might be able to help.

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Hey @genertperhold welcome to the forums!

Could you please tell us your problem, your code, and the link to your Repl? It would help us out a lot! Thanks, hope you have a good day :grin: !


Don’t know if he is going to respond…

yeah i think he went AFK too long.