Help me update pip

Help me update pip, I can’t figure out what command is needed for this and where to enter it

To update PIP it should be the regular command for updating it.

pip install --upgrade pip
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Do note it’s unadvisable to use pip at all on Replit, it’s recommended to use poetry when possible instead.


Hi @k3ckqwerty1 !

You should enter this in the Shell tab. It usually opens next to the Console.

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Or upm, it saves typing an extra 3 characters :wink:


Isn’t it not possible to update pip (as it is a “builtin” in modules and not present in the repl)?
Assuming your repl uses the newer modules configuration, you can try the different possible modules listed in nixmodules/modules.json at main · replit/nixmodules · GitHub, there’s also a python 3.11 module.

I use poetry over upm because it has more features (upm is just a wrapper) and I only want to use one package manager.

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