HELP ME PLS 😭 My Bot going not

Hello after hundreds of tries and endless trying of bots the replit doesn’t work properly. PS: we have always tried everything with 5 people and the replit does not work as it should.

In discord he always says (also different dc ) the application does not respond"

What could be the problem. we have already: changed tokens, bots, mongo data, etc. everything

Welcome to the community! Are you making a Replit bot or a different bot? If it is a Replit bot, we can’t really help you due to ever-increasing restrictions.

Who is “he”?

I don’t know. You didn’t provide any code to review.

I don’t think it’s a replit bot :stuck_out_tongue:


Bot I think.

Many things could be the issue, please provide a repl link or a code snippet.

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The question expresses a lot of confusion but is too vague for us to offer any real help as of yet.

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I suppose that could be.

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We tried 20 Replit Bots that work with more than one but not with me

As I said, due to increasing restrictions, we probably shouldn’t help you make a Replit bot.

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I didn’t own the bot. don’t create one. there is no 1 discord replit bot running on your site on my ACC

Please… Be more specific.

Are you making a Replit comment bot?
Or a Discord bot on Replit?


Hey there, @NilsHaase1 !

Is your bot turning off intermittently or is it throwing an error?

Have you checked out our new Deployments product?


I don’t really understand anything you’ve said.

Then let the owner figure it out.

That is good advice.


I don’t own Replit. This is not my site. I am a volunteer, as are most of these other people here.


a discord bot for discord on replit

@QwertyQwerty88 and @CoderElijah it looks like this guy is making a discord bot as v14 in the title is a signification of discord.js v14. Please be more patient with this user as it seems like they aren’t a native english speaker.

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No It works but this error message comes up in discord

In English the application does not respond

No, I’m German and I can’t speak English very well ;(

This looks like an issue with your code. I’m going to change this post to be under the topic of Code Help instead of Replit Help as this is not a Replit-specific issue.


Zeigt die Konsole keine Fehler an, wenn du versuchst, den Befehl auf Discord auszuführen? Du könntest die Fehler hier eingeben, damit wir analysieren können, was vor sich geht.


Secure? because we tried several discord bots and none worked

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