Help me please thanks you

a sign that replaces the final tags in the HTML code

not sure what you mean? Please complete the template fields in future so we get the context we need to answer (otherwise some of us won’t even bother asking for more details)

I question the ai and the response is :
The final tags in HTML code are typically the closing tags that correspond to the opening tags used earlier in the code. To close an HTML document, the final tag used is the closing </html> tag. There is no sign that replaces this tag, as it is a required component of valid HTML code. If this closing tag is missing, it can result in rendering errors or an invalid HTML document.

Kind of. For the html tag:

The end tag may be omitted if the element is not immediately followed by a comment.

Still don’t get what you’re trying to achieve though…

Also, please don’t use an AI to code, coding AI’s will only effectively help someone who already is decently experienced at coding. I recommend learning HTML without AI first.


okay i don’t have a solution

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No, @RihaBchrifa wasn’t asking you if you could speak French, he/she was asking why @hkfozm was speaking “French” (which he wasn’t).

@RihaBchrifa, if you meant by “replacing”, I assume you meant closing the tag off.

You can close the tag off by typing > after you finished typing all the attributes in the HTML Element.

Also, from your recent posts, you seem to be unfamiliar with HTML or even programming. So I have linked some guides that I recommend you to get started on:

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Whoops! I read that wrong! XD