Help me kick-start a TODO-list on python

Good day,

I’m trying to start from a basic TODO-list replit, and then tweak the workflow a bit to see what is working for me. I’d like the backend code to be in python.

Could you help me understand a few things:

  1. What are the best technologies to use for this? Would flask be a good idea?
  2. Would you recommend any existing replits which I could copy and modify later?
  3. If I were to ask someone to implement v0 for me, how can I understand the reasonable price?

Thank you,

PS Approximate list of features I’d like to have is pretty basic:

  • Authorization.
  • Add new TODO item. Each item has title, priority, and status.
  • Show a list of TODO items matching a search criteria (“status:active”)
  • This should include a building block for showing one item (allows to mark as “done”, “reopen”, …)
  • Similar to GMail, have a list of links which pre-populate search bar (“Important” link goes to search for “status:active priority:p0”.

You could ask for a colab here for free, or you can post a bounty (approx 5 dollars payment, but expect higher quality).