Help me i don't know how to acces this file

My problem is i can’t link the css file to the html there is an index.html file in the templates folder of my repl and i want to link a style.css file in the same folder to the html what should i enter in the src attributes
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You haven’t gotten that far yet. The HTML page doesn’t work yet. Here’s what happens when I run this Repl.

src? I know this is confusing but <link> tags for css only use href, not src

To link a CSS file, you need to create a <link> tag like so:

<link rel='stylesheet' href="/PATH/TO/CSS_FILE">

(replace the “PATH/TO/CSS_FILE” to your CSS file path)

It is best to put the <link> tag above everything else so that it loads first.


And you can also use a URL for the CSS (so as to pull it from the web). Replit has several good CSS themes. Personally, I use a modified version of Bookie0’s bounceCSS.

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