Help me deleted file

i need to recover a deleted html file and i cant find the repl history pls help

Welcome to Ask! Replit’s got you covered on this one. Simply create a new file with the EXACT same name as the one you deleted and viola! your old file is back. :sunglasses:


I’ve done that, the file I deleted was index.HTML

Hey @BluebayStudios !
Does the code appear?

No, i accidentó y deleted the wrong index.html

You had 2 index.html files?

Accidentally, sorry.

I had one in a separate folder

Soo… you deleted the one in the folder?

Both I think. But I just wanted to delete the one in the folder. I’ll check.

Yup. Both files are deleted. I need to find a way to access the repo history.

History is only for the code of the file.
Try this:

  1. Create a index.html outside of a folder.
  2. There should be code.
  3. Go to the aforementioned folder.
  4. Create a index.html in the folder.
  5. There should be code in that one.
  6. Delete the index.html in the folder.
    If that doesn’t work, please tell us!
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Nope :confused: doesn’t work.

I also created one in the “games” folder. Nothing shows up.

Could you delete the file and make a new one with the ‘I’ lowercase?

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Try making an index.html file, not an Index.html file, since Replit uses linux, and linux files are case-sensitive.

Thank you so Much! You guys are a lifesaver!

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