Help make ship plzz

help make ship plz i cant doing this!!!

Hey @AnnOvsyanko, welcome to the community!

Can you explain your problem in more detail? A link to your Repl would also help.


Welcome @AnnOvsyanko :slight_smile:
Because this is topic is related to #replit-themes, i’m guessing you need help on creating a theme? If not I also made a section if you were instead relating to your Repl.

If you needed help on a Theme

If you wanted help on your theme, I would guess that you want it Ship related? I’d recommend letting your creativity figure out the colors and such.

If you needed help with a Repl

I’d recommend listening to what Qwerty said with linking us your Repl. That would make us understand your situation better and give you more information.


Why don’t other people understand, they just need help making ship. They real can’t doing this!!!

I think there asking for help to code a ship, not themes.

Sorry? What is a ship…

So why is the topic in #replit-themes?

I’m just unlisting this until the original poster @AnnOvsyanko clarifies their question.

Like a boat or rocket for a game