Help installing Flowise

I’m trying to install FlowiseAI. I was following the guide I found on Flowise page (Replit - FlowiseAI) and I did everything that was written in that guide but when I try to run Flowise (npx flowise start) I get this message:

ModuleLoadError: [MODULE_NOT_FOUND] require failed to load /home/runner/FlowiseAI
› /.config/npm/node_global/lib/node_modules/flowise/dist/commands/start.js: Cannot
› find module ‘…/build/Release/canvas.node’
and a bunch more…

I can’t find the solution so if someone knows what to do it would be appreciated. I’m a total newbie so bare with me :slight_smile:

Hey @BorisHrzenjak , welcome to the forums!
Can you try and see if npm install flowise works?

I installed it already and it doesn’t work.
Or did you mean instead of “npm install -g flowise”?

tried it, didn’t work, still the same message

Hey @BorisHrzenjak!

Can you please send me the link to your Repl so I can take a look?

it’s probably something dumb that I just don’t know how to fix or set up :slight_smile:

I apologize for the delay on this. I was out last week.

It looks like there isn’t any code in your Repl. Do you have another one that you are using for Flowise testing or could you restore the contents on the one you shared?

I’m another noob with the same issue.

I just kept reinstalling Flowise (3 or 4 times) until it got most of what it needed. It then gave an error about needing to update a certain node. Once I did that, it worked.

Hey @Farscaper!

Could you send me the link to the Repl and a screen recording of the issue (we recommend so I can better understand how you encountered and solved the issue?

Similar problem after forking and running on replit.

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Hey @EnriqueG2!

Can you send me the link to your Repl so I can take a look?

Hey Shane, I am in a similar situation. Did you find the work around for this?

I was not able to proceed with this as I was not given enough information. Could you send me the link to your Repl that you tried installing Flowise in so I can take a look?

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I saw the solution elsewhere and it worked for me yesterday, editing the replit.nix file and adding some more lines Markup 2023-09-24 at 13.56.53.png - Droplr

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