Help in the line of a code ,syntax error

It is working on other platforms but in this it is showing a syntax error in line 136 or may be more.
Please help me :pray:t2:.

Replace lines 131-135 with

HITMASKS['player'] = tuple(map(getHitmask, IMAGES['player']))

looks like this code was made for the now-obsolete python 2. Make sure you’re following recent tutorials. Replace xrange with range

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@UMARismyname I used your method but it is not working, Pls see my repel and do the necessary changes. Publish it I will fork. In your method it is showing " Indentation Error". Please help. Thank you.

I would recommend to learn python basics with simple programs before trying full project templates, so you can learn to freely innovate personal programs and not have to ask us for help + get spoonfed
Here you would make the indent (spaces at the the front) at lines 133-5 align with line 132.