Help i want just create discord bot!

why error module???

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You need to pass the “intents” argument when creating the “Client” object. You can do it like this:

import discord

intents = discord.Intents.default()
client = discord.Client(intents=intents)


I see you’ve moved to nextcord. Next error about message content intent: I’d recommend to make slash commands instead. They’re more integrated, performant and will be your only option when your bot grows to need verification.

I’ve got your token reset, so get your new token from Discord Developer Portal as Safety Jim would’ve told you, but use secrets to store your token so people can’t mess with your bot.

You’re missing the argument intents, just do something like:

client = discord.Client(
  help_command=None # this fixes some errors.

You must’ve misread the error.

I went to their profile and saw their (then only) repl. Now they don’t have any public repls :man_shrugging:

His error is missing intents, I don’t even know why this error persists. Discord PY should just automatically use default intents if the arg is left empty.

that was intentionally removed because it’s better for performance and explicitness if you only enable the intents you need