Help, how can i run my repl python telegram bot for 24/7? Uptime is not working / keep_alive

Hello guys, I know some of you are experiencing downtimes. Let’s help each other. I’m in Core plan / hacker before? I read the update and the always on was removed. I also noticed the uptime/keep_alive combo is not effective anymore to run 24/7. :frowning: This is kinda sad.

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You should use a Reserved VM deployment.


I have many repls, about 8-10 and it is all running 24/7 before, but now some of them has always a downtime, im not sure about this VM feature i was thinking if it is paid per repl? Or can i run multiple repl if i purchase a 1 virtual machine? If it’s 1 vm per rep, it is so costly

You would probably be able to run two bots on the same deployment, but for this you need to combine two replas and run bots in different threads. But I’m not sure if it will work.

You don’t have to worry about virtual machine downtime. The virtual machine is always running and almost non-stop (sometimes there may be temporary interruptions, but you won’t even notice them).

@IanBuenaobra in most cases the Reserved VM deployment is per-repl, just in case the bot uses to many resources. You could try what KAlexK said to do.

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What can i do with my core plan? We need the always running feature.

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core plan is as useless as any free repl user, im a core user and i feel u

Yea i was so disappointed, anyway what do you think can we do? I’m planning to move to another platform because of this changes, it is so bad.

already got my core subscription cancelled , waiting for a refund, and for now im just using a private vps to host my bots, works very well

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Hello can you help me with that vps? I would really appreciate your help because right now is so problematic because of this issue, TIA!

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sure! add my discord, bloodlust6ex , i can send u the vps details , lets u host unlimited py bots for a cheap monthly charge


Cool! I added you, i also cancelled my repl subs

hey @meIs7 i added u too, let me know the charges for the private vps

The vms were just able to deploy 1 bot or repl, it is so costly unlike any other vms that can run multiple scripts always on. Replit was the best, yes. I always use replit before and this recent update will be impactful for us customers. I just cancelled my subs and moved to other platform, sorry but this is my honest opinion. It’s kinda sad that many of us users of replit will move

The advantage of Replit was that it was free and easy to run 24/7 code.However, due to changes in the specification, it is no longer free, and the advantage was lost.

Yea, replit WAS the best. And now they lose customers.

Yes, the replit should review this UPDATE to see what is and is not needed of them.