Help Fixing WebView output - Connection was reset

I need help fixing the output of WebView as “The connection was reset.”

I already tried disabling my antivirus, Mcafee. But still same error. Before disabling it the site was detected as malicious site and unsafe.

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Hi @rcrodua , welcome to the forums!
Can you try opening the website in a New Tab and see if that works?
Hope this helps!

Yes I tried but the site that was opened is not found.

I am also experiencing this exact same issue, as are a number of my students. This is happening across devices, browsers, and templates. Perhaps related, these replits also appear to be completely crashing my browser regularly.

For now I coded my assignment (Milestone) locally using VS Code and then copy the html to replit.

I attended earlier for the optional Drop-in meetings to consult this issue. Per advise, I can use the link from the address bar from replit. Something like this:

Not sure if this is viewable by others and make it valid.

A small update: all of the replit links are being detected as malware and/or phishing sites and being shut down at the router level. I don’t recall this being a problem with the prior url structure, but now that the structure is [long unique id], it seems to be causing issues at multiple levels. Is there a solution for this other than “unblock every replit url by hand”?

Also having this problem with one of my students. Didn’t seem to be a problem before January 1, 2024. The malware thing sounds plausible, but can anybody confirm this, and if so, what’s the best workaround?

Maybe try unblocking * to unblock all domains.

It isn’t a really practical solution since I don’t work for IT (at school) and I don’t have control over what the makers of my router software consider malware/phishing links.

Another update. Today at school some of my replits are working flawlessly, and some are experiencing the above issue. I’ve been able to experiment a bit and it seems like everything from *.picard.replit.devis working and everything from * isn’t working. One of my students has checked kirk and it is working with a VPN and not working without it. I haven’t yet been able to check spock or janeway.

Try the solution I documented here:

And let us know if it works.

It was fixed now on my end after adding in my edge setting under edge://settings/privacy/SecureNetworkSites

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Neither of the two solutions have reliably worked. Cloudflare worked for me at school, but not at home on the same device. The only consistent solution has been to enable a VPN. Other thoughts?

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Another quick update: I tried using firewalledreplit as well and am experiencing the same problems. For now, am I am telling my students to play replit roulette until they get a server that works. Not sure of a more reliable solution at this point.

I believe I’m having the same issue or similar, as a student in EdX’s CS50T course. I haven’t used Replit before this month, and when I click “run” periodically as I build my web page, I sporadically get a Webview error of " sent an invalid response." or similar, or simply an image of the 8-bit sad dog-eared page. Once the error happens, there’s no going back; removing any amount of code does not reverse the error, and I end up having to delete the replit and start over each time.

Edit: Link to page with error:

The OP was able to resolve their issue so I went ahead marked that as the solution for them.

For other folks, it really depends on your situation. Browsers, anti-virus software, firewalls, ISPs, and more can block web URLs which result in these kind of errors. You can temporarily disable programs, or you can test altogether on a different device/network to help narrow it down. Test on and off VPN. Even taking out your phone and trying a mobile hotspot is a nice test.

Make sure to clear your browser cache (or use another browser), and flush your DNS (or change it to something like Then go ahead and run the Repl, and refresh the output.

Also, feel free to leverage the IT professionals at your employer or school. They can even do packet captures or network traces to help narrow down what’s causing the issue.

Hope it helps.


I hate how the official response is:

You go ahead and try these workarounds…
Shows they have no intention of addressing or fixing it.

This was not a problem few months ago, this is a prevalent issue posted everywhere.

@JasonLiu6166 It is fixed. Many of my customers have found success after clearing their cache or trying these other methods to see the fix applied. There’s a few outstanding things we’re looking into, such as communicating with vendors who don’t have us on their safe list. That will get resolved as well.

If you’re still having issues, feel free to make a new post with your Repls experiencing the issue and we can help you too.

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This is most certainly not fixed. Most of us are working on school/work computers where we cannot change these settings. It was working without changing those things, and now it’s not. Therefore, it is not fixed.