Help domain please

There is no option for me to link the domain

Hi @u7s , welcome to the forums!
This is a new update, you cannot link a custom domain unless you Deploy your repl.
Hope this helps!

So do I have to pay?

It depends what type of site your’s is.
Is it Static (HTML only) or Dynamic (With Flask/Express)?

express, but I opened a project in HTML to test and there is no domain option either and I have already hosted several sites in Node Js through Express in Replit and they never charged me anything to put the domain in, I don’t know why this is now

So actually, Static sites will be free when Deploying (from next year onwards) but the rest will be paid.
For now, it’s Autoscale Deployments that you need to use when Deploying.

and how do I activate this automatically?

For now, you need to Deploy it as Autoscale to connect a custom domain (Autoscale is the best type for your repl).
Autoscale comes semi-free with Hacker and Pro.
Semi-free because they give you compute units which you use when visiting the website, but they might run out so then you’ll need to pay.

I can’t put, help-me

Could you send a screenshot of the issue on your side?

Press the Deploy button at the top-right of the page, select Autoscale.