HELP. All files in Replit deleted by Github

So, newbie to Github and Replit here. I created a Github account and tried to connect my Replit to it (simple Python teaching exercise files). I had a bunch of Python files that I had accumulated.

I told Replit to connect to Github, telling it to use the name of my Replit project. I thought that Replit would populate Github with all of my Replit files, but what happened was the Github overwrote my Replit project and deleted EVERYTHING in it, replacing it with the empty Github project and its support folders and files.

I panicked and unconnected the Github, but my Replit did not revert to its previous state and all of my Python code files and folders are gone.

Any way to undo this disaster?

Try creating the files and folders with files with the previous names, replit saves files names when they’re deleted!

Thank you for your help. I do not remember all of the names, unfortunately. I did remember a few, but it only worked on one of them. i.e. only one file was not empty/blank.

Welcome to the community! Sorry for this diaster .

Try to check the history of the files that were still blank:

Thank you!

By going in to the history of, I was at least able to see my previous files I have run. This is a good start.

As I do not remember the names of all of the files, is there any way for me to see what file names used to be in my replit?

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Unfortunately, I don’t think you can. :disappointed:

Was going to say the same thing. Nice!