Help a beginner

I need instructions on how to use Replit.

Can you please be more specific? What do you want to do in Replit?

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Hello @Loide-V-PaxsieV
Welcome to the community
Docs includes everything you want
Here is the link for docs:


hey there, can you please explain exactly what you need help with


Hey, @Loide-V-PaxsieV, welcome to Replit ask.

I made a mini tutorial on a different topic:

You can check the link that @arhanansari2009 gave. Also if you need more help, do what bigminiboss said.

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What did @bigminiboss says?
He just request this

@arhanansari2009 They asked for further details, and I directed Loide to give further details as bigminiboss said.

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