Hello W̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ Replit, Im Paragram

Hey there! :wave: My name is Paragram, although I also go by Paragramex if my preferred username is already taken. I have a deep passion for literature and you can often find me engrossed in the world of books. :books: When I’m not reading, I love strategizing :bar_chart: and conquering virtual civilizations :european_castle: in games like Sid Meyers Civ IV.

Food :stew: is my ultimate weakness, especially when it comes to delectable dishes like ramen :ramen: and boba​. A good bowl of ramen :ramen: puts me in a state of pure bliss! Apart from indulging my taste buds, I am also deeply passionate about data security :closed_lock_with_key:. I find great satisfaction in reverse engineering PHP :elephant: viruses :microbe: that infect platforms like WordPress. My ultimate aspiration is to become a blue teamer or physical pentester in the cybersecurity field :globe_with_meridians:.

During my downtime, I like to relax by reading manga. It’s a fantastic way for me to unwind and reflect on my day.

This is my second time on Replit Ask, but this time I have an account linked to my replit account so I won’t forget the login (yes, I forgot my old account details). If you have a good eye :eye_in_speech_bubble:, then you may notice that this about me is also very much like my bio for my Ask account. The reason being is that I am chronically lazy. :sweat_smile: I can’t wait to share and learn with all of you in this wonderful community! :star2:


Welcome to Ask! Mind sharing what your previous Ask username was?


I forgot it :sob:, sorry. If I remember I will update my bio…