Hello Replit Ask, I'm haroon!

Wait, we have a introductions category? The more you know!

Anyways hey everyone! I’m Haroon (also known as Haroony, Floopy, DaInfLoo.py and many other nicknames), one of Replit’s amazing site moderators that keeps the site safe for everyone!

I don’t really know how to describe myself further tbh, so the comments of this topic can be an AmA!


I am kinda worried that you are a mod and didn’t know there was an introductions category, but nice to meet you!


I’m not on Ask that often, so that’s why haha


Didint you say answering questions on Ask is a waste of time?

I guess welcome to the community @haroon


We don’t talk about that.


Answering questions is a waste of time. Summoning the most active users into arguements is why we’re here.


Interesting point if view :smiley:


bruh :skull: why are you like this XD

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Because I suffer from something that causes my personality to shift drastically at given moments :slight_smile:


On a scale of 1 to 10.556, how good are you at coding?

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Does that count as inappropriate?

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Oh, and also @haroon are you a follow bot?

No he has the most legal follows

seriously you really want to get back at me that bad XD

Nope - when following came out I decided to steal @PotentialStyx’s idea make a GraphQL bot that followed everyone from ID 1 (amasad).

I actually did get told off for it and got a warn from Ironclad :joy:, luckily søren saved the day and said “Eh it’s fine” or something along those lines.

It was also one of my first big GraphQL projects, which started getting me more into the APIs.

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I’m probably like 8.582 on that scale tbh

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Yo, I’m OmegaOrbitals, you may remember from the discord server (I was banned hehe)

So you are a bot? GraphQL counts.

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Welcome to the community @haroon!

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true or false, there is a trend on the ask forum