Hello, I'm julioaranajr

Hello world :wave:, I’m Julio Arana Jr.

About Me:

Cloud Systems Developer

I’m currently a Student @ DCI - Digital Career Institute


  • Motivated and experienced Cloud Engineer with over ten years of experience developing new and innovative design processes, helping companies to meet and exceed projected expectations.
  • High Technical Analytical and Soft Skills. Ability to work with team’s goals.
  • Adaptation, mobility and discipline to perform in multicultural environments.
  • Knowledge and experience in the management and implementation of projects.
  • Full action. Proactive by nature. High Initiative and motivation. Innovation, creativity and commitment.
  • More than 10 years of experience as IT Consultant, Venezuelan Petroleum Companies, Telecommunications and Medical Software Solutions.
  • Languages: English and Spanish.
  • Location: (Germany)

:computer: Tech Stack:

HTML5 Markdown Java JavaScript Python AWS Azure Google Cloud .Net Anaconda Django Apache Nginx AmazonDynamoDB MySQL Postgres GitHub Ansible Confluence Docker Jira Kubernetes Terraform Trello


Hey @julioaranajr welcome to the forums!

Have you been working on any projects in particular lately?

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Hi! @SalladShooter

I’m currently a Student @ DCI - Digital Career Institute, i just working with the course exercises and looking for idea for my final project.

also you can check my GitHub Repository


Hi @julioaranajr , welcome to the forums!
Hope to see you around!
You can look through all-guide and guide to get some tips on the forum!


Have you work in company like Amazon please tell me
Naitik Verma


Yes, I was working with Amazon and also with Amazon Web Services {AWS}