Hello guys i need your help because my code is not running i got error

 sh -c make -s /nix/store/039g378vc3pc3dvi9dzdlrd0i4q93qwf-binutils-2.39/bin/ld: /tmp/Rectange_pattern-74f187.o: in function `main’: /home/runner/DATA-STRUCTURE-ALGORITHM/./Rectang

Hi, welcome to the community

I can see you gave us a code which seemed supposing to be run in shell, but with your title and your code I’m not able to analyse what had gone wrong.

Please provide the link of the project you got problem from, for us to better help you.


Could you provide the link to your Repl (the link to the cover page)? It would help us figure out what the issue is.

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Hey @yrahul1605, welcome to the forums!

We’d love to help you, but to help you faster and better we will need a repl link. You can find the repl link by clicking on the cover page button in the repl profile inside the workspace!

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