Hello everyone! I am making a time limit now for my game in pygame but I came across an error. The error says: fileNotFoundError: No file ‘freensansbold.tff’ found in working directory’. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Please send us an image of your project’s file system.

What do you mean exactly?

An image that shows the files of your project.


Could you send an image, but with a collapsed folder venv (this folder takes up a lot of space on the screen, which is why other files are not visible).


There is no file freesansbold.tf in the folder game_develop/venv/Lib/. To avoid this error, you must create this file.

You mean a file like this? Ive added the freesansbold.tff.

Did I added it right here above in the picture?

You should add this file to the same folder as the time limit_pygame.py file.

okay, you mean like a python file?

I did added it like the time limit_pygame and pasted the code i had before from the time limit_pygame, but i still get the same error.

You should add the freesansbold.tff file to the same folder where the time limit_pygame.py file is located.

Okay, i tried… Is it okay here? I run it again but still did get the error…

The error is caused by a Python file that is located in the game_develop/venv/Lib/ folder. So the file freesansbold.tff must be in the same folder.

Try putting the file in the C:/Users/amel8/PycharmProjects/game_develop directory, and ensure it is named correctly.

I made a big mistake now. I think i deleted many files because there wasn’t a clear answer which file it was exactly that must be deleted. So now I cant also put import pygame in it because i think it was also gone. So now i am downloading Pycharm again and i guess I also must put pip and pygame in it. So it is a mess now here actually. I dont know I am gonna fix this fully, but will try…

You shouldn’t have deleted the files. You had to put the freesansbold.tff file in the right folder.

I know, but i am just really new to this. I didnt know which one to put it in. I try and i tried