Heh nice keep it up

heh nice bot i love it

i would like to shoutout to

it is a really good bot over all 10/10 but huh how is my bot javascript its node.js XD

edit: wait HUH?

@Parker2991 This repl runs mainly on Javascript. It also has some support for HTML and CSS as well. but its node js though
its like i have my own buddy in my repl =)


How do I use PikaBot

  1. Invite PikaBot to your Repl and ping it in a chat message (example below)

    @PikaBot2005 give me some python regex for an integer in my lexer

  2. Make a comment on https://replit.com/@PikachuB2005/AI-Comment-Bot?v=1 pinging PikaBot (example below)

    @PikaBot2005 give me a random number between 1 and 10

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PikaBot can’t even see your files =P
It’ll be able to when I finish the extension though

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