Having issues using replit

Hello, Good day. I am new to replit and I am finding it difficult getting things done. My js codes are not even running.

@studymail4suru can you provide a screenshot, or a repl link? also can you evaluate on which javascript template you’re using? as the basic html/css/js template doesn’t have a console, if you’re using only the script.js file, it wont print anything


Yeah, html/css/js template is what I am using. Please advice on how to make script.js file log to the console. Or better still, advice on the template to use in other to have my files logging to console.


im not sure if any JS use exclusively the console, however you can try using typescript/node.js as those use the console (typescript is better as a direct js copypaste, node js is better for network applications) however those are meant around making servers and sending/recieving info

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