Haskell/cabal error

Thank you in advance for your help.
I try to install the Haskell “hmatrix” package via cabal (cabal install --lib hmatrix) the process stops on this enigmatic message (see screenshot). Does anyone know where the error lies? Thanks again

when system libraries are missing, add them via Nix, adding .dev to use the dev output. In Shell:

sed -i 's/];/  pkgs.blas.dev\
  &/' replit.nix

Thank you for this information which I will try to get started. Do you have the patience to tell me a bit more about the shell command and “dev”? Or refer me to an ad-hoc site? Thank you again

I linked Using Nix with Replit. Since it says you may need the -dev versions, I told you to add .dev to the end when you add such libraries to the replit.nix file, which you do when it needs the header files for the package, to compile something. That shell command adds the missing libraries that you see in the error to the replit.nix file, just for a quick fix

Thank you for your answer, I will look at the reference. I understand the error messages better…Thank you again