Has anyone created a Replit theme like VS Code dark+ default?

Replit just beta released custom themes and wanted to check out if anyone has created a VS Code like theme like the dark+ (default) theme?


Hey @juanca welcome to the forums.

I don’t think so since its so new but I’ll try since I want to play around with it.

I worked on a theme and I did this

Unforetnly I cant publish the theme for some reason I guess its a bug but too lazy to make a bug report. I’m sure I will get to it tomorrow (And I won’t say the same thing tomorrow).

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how i can use this theme in my reple

Hey @alif0786, welcome to the forums!

Which theme would you like to use?

I have the same problem, I’m trying to find the tab where all published (custom made by creators) themes are.

Sadly there still isn’t one, I’m going to do a feature request about this. For you to use other people’s themes you need to get a link!

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Ok, thanks! I don’t know why I thought a newly released feature would have a tab already. I just thought there should be a section in the community.

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VS - Replit

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