Hard disable AI auto completions

Is there a way to (hard) disable AI auto completions? We are using replit as a coding assessment tool and the AI makes our problem set rather trivial. Also, the point is to assess code reading and problem solving, so AI assist is incompatible with that goal.

There IS a way to disable AI with the button on the lower left. However it is trivial for applicants to toggle that button. Is there a way to disable AI auto complete more firmly?

And yes, of course they can copy/paste into an external tool. However, this is easier to detect and I’d say it will be easier for them to follow the rules if it’s harder to cheat. The way it is now its like asking someone to not eat sugar and leaving a bowl of M&Ms next to them.


I’m not the only one asking for this. See AI in Education use is not needed


the feature you described was also suggested a while back (when AI was first released in replit), primarily by users in education (Teams for Edu). (Some people who used replit for interviewing also complained.)
AI Code Completion in Teams for EDU
AI automatically enabled for students in Education Team
Unfortunately, replit deprecated Teams for Edu and the feature was never implemented.
It is probably unlikely that replit would now decide to make this feature.


Well, that’s not great. We will evaluate other tools for our assessments. This is not what we want, as it is disruptive and replit is a good tool. I hope the replit team prioritizes this.

One (hopefully simple) solution would be to add a feature flag to .replit that disables AI. This isn’t perfect, because the person can modify the feature flag, but that would be a positive step they took to break the rules, and easily seen with history.


A possible workaround suggested was to network block the specific domain that AI uses. (Obviously, you must have control of the network(s).)
I have no idea what the domain is, maybe another community member knows.

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so, you could register a proxy replit.com domain on the network which blocks access to /ai/*


If none of this stuff works u can probably use another IDE, there are a lot besides Replit.