Handling Client Requests through Slack then integrate to Notion

Hello, looking for advise (or someone who can set this up) - we’d like to use Slack as service request tool where our clients can request a new task request or report a bug, we’d like them to answer a short form so they can tell us about their request. We then want Slack to send the task to our Notion platform and create a new task there. Means, each task should go to the right project in Notion. Then ideally, if our team has a question they post a comment on the task which is then relayed back to client through the bot in slack.

Hi @JayCuizon , welcome to the forums!
This problem looks like you might want to set up a bounty: https://replit.com/bounties
Bounties are a way of asking people to do a ‘job’ for you pay them with Cycles if they can do it for you.
Hope this helps!


@JayCuizon If Bounties were what you were looking for, you can mark my post above as a Solution.

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