Half my repls are banned for some reason

I’ve been using replit for years, half of my repls got banned for violating TOC on 02/26/2023.

I’ve only been hosting few (4) Lavalink servers with always-on and hosting 22 discord bots (Non-Profit) (16 of the bot repls are banned).

What do I do now?

Hello! Replit Moderator here, I can check your account soon for your repls. Thanks.

Can you reply with your replit username?

Username here are the same as the main site. And when I looked I got confused…

@bddy @not-ethan is there any way to send my username privately as my bots codes are public,etc.

Hi @ObedientSandpeople can you please email support@replit.com as your Repls are private and therefore others from the community cannot access without you manually adding them / sharing join links privately.

Replit Support will hopefully be able to explain to you why the Repls have been flagged for not meeting the ToS.

Hello, @IanAtReplit
My repls are not private, is there any way to send my profile privately to you guys.
(This is my alt account and the repls are in my main)

Hi @ObedientSandpeople ah I understand.

The most efficient way of finding out why your Repls were banned is to email support@replit.com

But the support will take about 24hrs or somethin for responding.

Thank you. They would be the only people who can tell you for sure why your Repls were banned.

:+1: I’ll mail them now

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