Hacker tier not applied with Github Student Developer Pack

I have the Github student Developer Pack. I have logged into replit using my github login, but at the moment, I havent been granted access to the hacker tier which is what my impression was.

" To claim a free [Hacker plan], eligible students should apply for the [GitHub Student Developer Pack] and then [log in to Repl.it using their GitHub credentials]. All eligible accounts will be automatically upgraded to a Hacker plan free of charge for 6 months."

Do I need to wait 24-48 hours or something?

Hey @ihackduhlol!

Unfortunately, you no longer get Hacker with the Github Student Plan. You now get 6 months of free private Repls as said in this post:


Hey ihackduhlol, sorry about the confusion. What @not-ethan is right.

Have you found the link here? Or somewhere else?

We will update it to reflect the new benefits.

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