Hacker plan but ask paid for cycle

i have hacker plan, but when i try to turn alwyas on it ask for paid for cycle…
i dont understand.
what i do wrong ??

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Hi @nusquama thanks for your message and welcome to the community!

Can you share a screenshot of the message you see?

when i click on always on
But yesterday it was working well

Hi @nusquama you may already have another Repl with always on activated.

If you go to your repls you should see the following:

From the Always On Repls folder you should be able to identify which of your Repls are already turned on, so you can turn it off and use with your new Repl.

Hope this helps!

ah its just one ?
before 2 was always on !

Hi @nusquama yes it is just one.

What’s that Warnings (mod) section’s contents like? I’ve never seen that anywhere on my account, and it looks interesting.

Well spotted. That shows any warnings that have been given to a particular user.

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Could you show a screenshot of that page for @quackbots (which as far as I know has never been warned)? I’ve always wondered what it looks like. (If you want proof that I can control that bot, I could change its bio to a string you provide)

Hi @9pfs1 I won’t share for the account you mentioned just for privacy reasons however happy to share a screenshot of mine:

The use of the word “yet” puts me slightly on edge.


Aren’t you unable to warn yourself? If so, maybe you should have another moderator warn you for “being too afraid of one little word”, just so you don’t get that “yet” anymore… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mods and admins are able to issue and remove warns on the main site. That is a good idea though…