Hacker not working

I payed for hacker plan and im only booster 2 apps, it wont let me boost another. Why im paying for it.

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They reduced it to 1 always on and 1 boosted repl

WHAT WHY, i payed to be able to boost 5 tho

New Year New Replit | Announcing more power and changes to pricing then them saying they didnt listen to our feedback [Reminder] Upcoming Changes to Replit Hacker Plan and Cycles Pricing

Because greed, profits, and most of all:

even with pro i cant boost more than 1 repl. this feels like im getting robbed


We all feel like that. We all still want different things to happen then this

will i change?
also i have to always on and boosted repls i am not unboosting them.

I dont tink so. you will start paying cycles automaicly soon and if you don’t have cycles they will get unboosted

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i might switch to github this is annoying

Not many people only have static projects. Despite these changes, replit remains the most simple and convenient online code editor and hosting :man_shrugging:

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not really convient anymore unless you wanna pay $200 for convience

Ive already payed for glitch and repl im not gonna pay again

exactly, to get repls that actually function on replit you need to pay a lot of money…

Repls are still free though, and for people with a bad connection or slow computer, Replit remains the best choice

at least they should give us 5 always on.

I definitely don’t like the change but the main functionality remains free :man_shrugging:

they are free to run… badly like barely

no this is a myth, replit requires a good internet connection because replit needs to send code to servers to run them

no, also false, the level of computing power per repl without paying is literally a fraction of what 90s computers could do (probably idk never checked)

literally, no, I only stay for the ask community. Otherwise, the mainsite community can be a bit toxic sometimes and also just payt like the amount you would pay per day for a single repl to digital ocean and you’re set for like a month ;-;

Won’t disagree with you here

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ill keep that in mind… the main reason im using repl is cause it works in school.

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