Hacker News style website for lawyers

link for the project: https://interaliaai.sixftone-mlh.repl.co/

What it is: a hacker news type website but for lawyers (since I am lawyer) to discuss developments in AI and Law.

Backstory: I recently completed Replit’s 100days of python, and then I thought how hard it would be to build a Hacker News style website based on whatever that I have learned from the course. The idea was to build a hacker news type website but for lawyers (since I am lawyer) to discuss developments in AI and Law. It took me around 10 days (2-4 hrs a day) to finish this. However, I have not implemented the ‘voting’ and ‘profile page’ features to the site yet (because that will only be useful only if I actually launch the site and people start using it a lot). Also used ChatGPT(the 3.5 version) for tackling lots of errors, I can only imagine how useful GPT-4 would be where I can pass in the entire code base in the prompt.

Unique feature: I have implemented a different type of comment hierarchy (took some inspiration from how arguments are presented in a legal proceedings). Instead of just implementing a ‘nested’ comments structure, I came up with a new structure. If you post a comment then everyone can post ‘replies’ to your comment. However, only you (i.e., the commenter) can post a ‘rebut’ to the replies on your comment. If you rebut a reply, then the replier can also post a rebut to your rebuttal. Rebuts have been restricted such that both the commenter and replier can only post one rebut each. Also once you have rebutted to a reply, anyone else can also ‘intervene’ and comment on the conversation going on between you (i.e., commenter) and the replier. However, only the commenter and replier can ‘respond’ to the intervenor’s comment. After a ‘response’ to the intervenor’s comment has been posted, no more comments can be posted to the ‘response’. Thus no more nested layers after the ‘responses’.

Nice website! This is a great example of what is achievable after completing the 100 Days of Code course!