Hack for worldsdumbestgame.com

Sure, it takes the fun out of it, but I don’t care. So instead of holding the button for an hour, I spent the same amount of time writing code to do it. It works as a bookmarklet:

javascript:(function(){document.getElementById("hold").dispatchEvent(new Event('mousedown'))})()

Or just paste this into the console:

document.getElementById("hold").dispatchEvent(new Event('mousedown'))


Don’t click on the screen! That will trigger the “mouse lifted up” event, causing your precious 3 hours of holding time to wither away.


You have to keep the tab open, as in, if you have it in a separate window, that tab must be selected. (And sometimes you have to have the window focused)

I couldn’t find a better place to put this without making a big deal about it, but yeah.


Lol, you can use playwright or chromedriver to open the site, and then perform whatever actions you need.

Nothing is unclear, but very interesting.

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That’s too complicated! And that’s still opening a browser window anyway. I like simple bookmarklets though, so I just made one