Guide to using Replit

Guide to using Replit

  A guide for new users

What will this guide do?

In this guide I will educate you on all you need to know on how to use Replit. I hope this guide can solve some problems or questions you have about Replit.

How do you create a Repl

Note: A Repl is what your code is in, it is like a GitHub Repo (Repository)

First of all after you made a new account you probably want to get to coding, but you may not know how.
So how do you create a Repl.
First go to your home page on your account.

Next to actually make it you want to click Create Repl

Once you click it, it will come up with a bar that says Template, this is where you choose your language (If you don’t like any of the templates there, the community has made some great ones you can choose from: Just click on a Repl you like and click Fork or Use Template).
Once you have selected your language or template you can name it, make sure you name it something good so you can remember what it is.

Now you can get to programming!

I see a thing named Deployments do I need to use those to share my programming?

For things that aren’t websites (things like HTML/CSS/JS, NodeJS, Flask, etc. are websites) you can just publish them for free.
To publish click on the name of your Repl when you are inside of it.

Then click Publish

Now fill out the information, you also have the option of making it a Template if it is something people can use to make other things (like a Game Engine for instance) you could select Template otherwise you don’t have to click it, now click Publish to Community

If your Repl is a website soon you will have to choose Deployments, if you want the best resources choose Autoscale DISCLAIMER: Autoscale is a paid version of deployments if you want a free one and your website is static you can pick the static one.

A static web page, sometimes called a flat page or a stationary page, is a web page that is delivered to a web Web browser exactly as stored, in contrast to dynamic web pages which are generated by a web application.

Now you can share your code to anyone!

I have a problem that I don’t know how to fix, what do I do?

You can come here to Replit Ask if your code isn’t working and we can help you!
You can get to here on Replit by clicking the Forum button at the bottom of the page

I see something called Bounties, what are they?

Bounties are a way of getting something done for you, you can pay for someone to make something for you like a website. You can also make money by doing those things for people. You earn things called Cycles, cycles are the currency of Replit and they cost real money to get unless you are getting tips (usually really good Repls get tips) or are doing bounties. The conversion rate is 1 Cycle = $0.01 USD. Bounties are the only way to cash out cycles, that means you can take out your cycles and turn them into real money, you have to have gotten at least 35,000 cycles from bounties to cash out, Replit takes 25% and other fees vary from where you live.
You can access the Bounties page by clicking Bounties on the sidebar.

Themes, what are they?

Themes personalize your coding experience, they change the way your code looks, you can make your own one or use an existing one.
To access the themes page click Themes.

You can choose a preexisting one like I said earlier, or you can create your own. Click Create Theme to get started.

Note: You input colors to create themes and the colors are in the HEX formatting.

What are Extensions?

Extensions help improve your coding experience. You can create your own but to create them it requires some coding experience. Or you can use them while in a Repl.
To use them hop into one of your Repls and click on the extensions button.

Once clicked on you can find Extensions you want to use, first click on the Extension you want and click install, it will then pop up in the Tools section on the left.

What are Teams?

Teams allow you to collaborate with other people to create Repls.
You can access them by clicking on Teams on the sidebar.

If you want a free team, scroll to the bottom of the page where it says Friends and click New Team in Friends.

I see something called Upgrade, what is it?

You can upgrade plans from a free plan (or other plans) and you can switch. There is a Free, Pro, and Hacker plan they each have different stats.

To get to here, click on Upgrade on the sidebar.

If you have any questions reply here and ask me, I can help.
If you want more info you can go here:
If I missed anything let me know.

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