Guidance Counsellor Badge/Title Not Appearing

Problem description:
I haven’t gotten Guidance Counsellor badge yet even though I have 11 solutions.

Expected behavior:
I should have the badge / title.

Actual behavior:
I don’t have the badge or the title.

Steps to reproduce:
Get at least 10 solutions.

Bug appears at this link:


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The issuance of badges is sometimes delayed.

@KAlexK do you know by how much? In the past it took minutes to a few hours, but it has been 14 hours since I got my 11th solution.

So this is some kind of mistake. You have to wait some more time, and the icon will appear, or it will not appear.

This is because self solutions dont count towards the badges and you have 2 self solutions.


@not-ethan ok thank you for clearing that up!

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