GUI prompts in your terminal for Python

I have made something that looks and feels like Clack Prompts that was made originally by natemoo-re (on Github). It allows the user to have some sort of GUI right in the prompts. But since it was never made for python I thought why not make something similar to Clack Prompts, but for python. It may not have all functionality but it will feel very similar.

If you have any suggestions on how to make it more optimized please comment it or if you have anything else to say.

Here is the link



Very cool! For the “type something” question, it’s kind of strange you have to delete what you already typed to put “Toad”. Idk, just me.

This looks great.

About your code, you should use f-strings instead of string concatenation.
For example:

f"  {circle_fill} {content[place]} \033[0m"  # good
"  "+circle_fill+" "+content[place] +" "+"\033[0m"  # eh

Better code styling and formatting is also good.

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I have applied your tips about the f-string, and it is a bit faster now. Thx!


Fixed, Thx for the suggestion, any other ideas on how to improve?


I’d suggest making it into a package and uploading it to PYPI.