GUI programs using Python3, Pygame and even Tkinter

Can replit no longer do GUI programs?

Current behavior:
Programs I’ve written for my classes from a year or so prior no longer work. I get the error message “There was an error connecting to the server.”

I’ve researched around and programs that used to run in Python 3 no longer work. I’ve tried Pygame (which is what my curriculum wrote them in in and even tried Tkinter as the base for the program. They’ll work for a day, then when I re-open them, I get the error.

Desired behavior
A simple GUI login screen with username, password labels/entry boxes and a button.

Repl link:

code snippet

Replit still can do GUI programs. Try spamming the “Try again” button or changing your server location here.

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Sounds like you are seeing the same / similar issue I have been seeing for over 2 weeks now, i’ve tested this on multiple devices behind multiple internet connections and no output from any of my replits will show.


Not strictly the same issue here, as that’s specific to firewalled replit.

Are you using at your school or