Graphics in java error

I am a junior high teacher and we are trying to do a program with graphics. I am using the same code I always use and it has always worked. However, this year most of the time we get this error message:

Anything using graphics is not working now. Nobody knows why except it is a repl problem.

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Same issue I’m also facing from last night

Any idea of when this will get fixed?

I started seeing this problem yesterday. It was fine two weeks ago.

I know they are changing things on the back end since I could only create Java files up to 2 weeks ago. Now there are JavaFX files and Java (Swing) options as well. It seems that when they made this change the awt error is being returned. Trying to run the Java (Swing) file doesn’t yield any better luck.

I plan to be doing very basic applications with my students in a few weeks and I don’t want to have to leave the platform to do so!