GPU /Nvidia driver availability in Core plan

I’m on Core plan and I want to create a Repl for generating images (using Fooocus).
It requires Nvidia driver and GPU usage is recommended.
How can I install such a driver and can I use a GPU ocassionally in this Repl?
I mean I don’t need a dedicated GPU for this Repl, but when used some times a week it should be enabled.

I dont know if you can install a driver since I dont have experience with them on Replit.

As for the GPU repls dont come with them and you cant add them to a repl anymore.

Thank you!
It’s sad, because it was one of my reasons I’ve gone for a payed plan.
I think this info should be included in multiple places read pre-sales/upgrade and also in FAQ, probably at Repl resources on hover.
BTW I’m shocked that in the Gen AI / LLM-era Replit decided to remove providing GPUs, that’s a basic feature eg. of Google Colab Pro.

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Well, at a given point there was and it was very expensive pay-per-use … not worth it at all.